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Miriam Pardoll, M.Ed. Special Education
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How is your company different from other tutoring companies in the area?
With Empower Learning Services, you will be working directly with me. My education and varied experiences will allow me to develop an individualized plan for your child instead of using a “one fits all” approach. I educate the whole child instead of focusing solely on one academic area. I will also assist you, the parents, throughout the process to empower you in your child’s education. Your child will realize that they can learn and be successful. As a result, a positive attitude about themselves as capable learners will develop.
Where do you work with your students?
I serve families in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. I will come to your home or a mutually agreed upon place.
What are learning differences
Learning differences is a term used to describe a range of students and to avoid certain labels. In reality, all students have some kind of learning difference since each child is a unique individual with a particular learning style. Learning differences commonly refers to students who need specialized instruction to learn. This may include students with disabilities or disorders (learning, developmental, attention, autism spectrum, etc.) to students who are gifted.
How much do you charge?
I will design a program based on you and your child’s current needs. The program will change as you and your child’s needs change. This usually involves a package of services. Please contact me for details.