Empower Learning Services provides personalized assessment, tutoring, and advocacy for school-aged students at all levels of learning. ELS provides consultation and guidance for parents and customized instruction for students. The services are designed to transform the learning experience and create successful outcomes.  

Empower focuses on the whole child by offering highly individualized learning services for all academic areas including reading, writing, and math.  ELS creates empowered families through specialized education. 

Find out how you and your child can become empowered through assessment, tutoring, and advocacy services.

When a student has a clear understanding of his/her learning style, strengths, and areas in need of improvement, this knowledge empowers the student to learn in his/her unique way. 

When there is a comprehensive, learning plan in place designed with a team approach combined with specialized instruction, students feel empowered as they make progress towards individual goals. These positive feelings of success lead to more effective learning in school and more independence at home. In short, an “I can do it!” attitude develops. 

When parents have a child with learning differences, they often feel overwhelmed. Formal testing reports, IEPs, service delivery, and school choice are just a few examples. With Ms. Pardoll, parents have a knowledgeable professional to learn from on an on-going basis. This leads to empowered parents ready to advocate for their children. Students can also learn how to be advocates for themselves.

Empower Learning Services offers services to empower parents who decide to homeschool their children. This can be a daunting task and Ms. Pardoll will work with you to develop a program and provide ongoing support.