When parents have a child with learning differences, they often feel overwhelmed. Formal testing reports, IEPs, service delivery, and school choice are just a few examples. With Ms. Pardoll, parents have a knowledgeable professional to learn from on an on-going basis. This leads to empowered parents ready to advocate for their children. Students can also learn how to be advocates for themselves.


Ms. Pardoll’s many years of experience in the classroom and as an administrator can help you and your student navigate the complex paperwork to gain access to the services available at his or her school. With experience in diverse schools in the area (public, private, charter), Ms. Pardoll can assist with making sure your child attends an appropriate school setting.

Empower Students

  • Provide knowledge and understanding of learning style
  • Learn to advocate for themselves in various settings
  • Teach skills for successful lifelong learning

Empower Parents

  • Consultation for all aspects of Exceptional Student Education process
  • Advocate at IEP meetings
  • Knowledge of various school settings for appropriate placement
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with teachers and school personnel 
  • Tools and interventions for behavior management