When a student has a clear understanding of his/her learning style, strengths, and areas in need of improvement, this knowledge empowers the student to learn in his/her unique way. 

Empower Learning Services has many evaluation tools, tests, and resources to evaluate student’s aptitude and learning style. Once Ms. Pardoll has determined the student’s learning level and learning style, she’ll create a personalized learning plan and course of action. From tutoring to re-testing, she’ll track your student’s progress to maximize his or her success. 

Empower Students

  • Formal educational testing
  • Informal assessment
  • On-going assessment to track progress
  • Learning style assessment
  • Age-appropriate explanation of testing results

Empower Parents 

  • Comprehensive explanation of educational/psychological testing
  • Explanation of informal and on-going assessments
  • Discussion of child’s learning style
  • How to use assessment data to improve home and school success