When there is a comprehensive, learning plan in place designed with a team approach combined with specialized instruction, students feel empowered as they make progress towards individual goals. These positive feelings of success lead to more effective learning in school and more independence at home. In short, an “I can do it!” attitude develops. 


Empower Learning Services offers tutoring services for students of all ages. Whether it’s assisting a student with regular homework assignments or offering advanced instruction for a specific subject, Ms. Pardoll can help students improve comprehension and retention for various subjects.

At Empower, learning systems can aid a student who needs to catch-up or those who need more challenging instruction to help them excel. Our successes come from the way we teach students to approach learning.

Empower Students 

  • Development of learning plans with specific, attainable goals
  • Specialized, multisensory instruction in all major academic areas
  • Use of researched-based programs
  • Orton-Gillingham Reading, Wilson Language, Lindamood-Bell, Project Read and Written Expression, etc.
  • Remediation and enrichment
  • Educational therapy and coaching
  • Social skills and positive behavior training
  • Organizational strategies and effective time management
  • Studying and test-taking skills


Empower Parents

  • Regular student progress communication
  • Guidance and strategies to assist your child with homework/projects
  • Implementation of educational/pyschological evaluation report findings in home and school
  • Tools and interventions for behavior management and social skills development