Testimonials from Tutoring Students and ParentsThe success of Empower Learning Services is demonstrated through the personal victories of students and parents.

Below are a few testimonials from satisfied families, students and other educators.


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“I think you are the best teacher in the world. I never felt so good about myself until you came along.  Now I am proud that I can just learn in a different way.  I felt like I would never succeed, but I’m lucky to have a family and teacher who care about me.  I could never have done this without you.  I will prove to everyone that I can succeed. I can do it in my own way. All I needed was a second chance. I owe it all to you.” - Former 2nd grade student with dyslexia, behavior challenges, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

“Miriam’s assessment skills are excellent and she communicates to parents in terms they can readily understand.  She has a great understanding of a specialized reading program called Wilson Reading and has been named Wilson Reading Coordinator.  Her students have made significant gains in their reading skills and self-esteem due to Miriam’s dedication and commitment to teach the students how to read and spell.” - Former Director of Special Education of Massachusetts charter school

"When my son struggled with attention and organizational issues in middle school, Miriam Pardoll at Empowerment came to the rescue! She helped my son devise a system to help him get organized, taught him ways to stay focused, and guided him through difficult academic and social challenges. She did all this in a nurturing manner, planting seeds that not only helped my son ‘get through’ middle school, but thrive throughout his academic career. He is currently an engineering major at one of the top colleges in the Northeast." - Parent of former student with attention and organizational difficulties

“I want to you know how proud I am to have you as my son’s teacher. You are helping me raise my child with dignity following our beliefs of inclusion. Thank you for your discipline, caring, kindness, and love. He wants to learn and grow into a smart young man.” - Parent of former elementary student with physical disabilities and special learning needs

“Mrs. Pardoll is really nice and explains writing and math well.  She goes back over it until I understand.  You are the best teacher I ever had.” - Former 2nd grade student with developmental delays

"Mrs. Pardoll is a very good teacher because she is patient and respectful and she is very good at explaining things." - Former student

“Our daughter has a number of learning disabilities, and Miriam was a wonderful tutor and academic support for her.  She helped to break down concepts into manageable segments and found different and unique ways to explain ideas to her.  She was patient and fun, and our daughter always liked their time together.  Miriam also helped us understand different possibilities and gave us direction as we wanted for helping our daughter at home.” – Parents of former student

“Miriam was effective at developing a strong working relationship with her students.  They recognized that she was a valuable advocate for them and developed trust in her.  She was able to coax work from some of our most reluctant learners as a result of the strong relationships she built with them. She was also able to help parents navigate the complex paperwork associated with IEP (Individualized Education Programs) meetings as well as help them understand their children as learners.” - Former Principal of Massachusetts public school

“On a personal level, Miriam is outgoing, dedicated, has unending energy, and a great sense of humor.  She is respected by all and is an excellent communicator.” - Former Assistant Principal of private school for children with learning disabilities

“The faculty who have supervised Miriam’s clinical experiences have found her to be highly skilled in listening to students, families, and colleagues; communicating learning goals; and applying a wide array of teaching strategies to help all students learn. Her spirit of collaboration and her belief that all students can succeed make her a valued educator.” - Director of Special Education Master’s Program